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We are Mental Health Experts

OnPsych are professional and experienced mental health experts. OnPsych is a national organisation that has worked with Australians over the past 50 years to provide mental health support to individuals with disabilities and spread awareness of their psychosocial needs.
We recognise that everyone has their own story, and we are committed to improving the lives of the people we support.
If you are looking for an enterprise that supports your choices and decisions, let us help create your story by bringing your choices to life.
Please note our services are available to individuals of any age (i.e., including 7 years and younger)

Our Team

Martin Grigg

Managing Director, onPsych Australia

Martin Grigg is the Managing Director of onPsych Australia. He was a secondary school teacher, psychologist and student services coordinator in the Department of Education in Victoria. He has a strong interest in social skill training, disability and child psychology. After moving into private practice and consultancy, he established “onPsych” with the objective of improving the provision of psychological support to children, parents and teachers. Using four federal government programs, onPsych has been able to provide over 100,000 high quality services with no out of pocket expenses to either parents or schools. He co-authored “PASS-Process Assessment Support System”, which detailed a comprehensive assessment and support process that has been widely used in special education. He has worked in professional development and training of psychologists, teachers and “Student Welfare Coordinators”, and has a special interest in developing business models use cutting edge of technology.

Dr Milê Glamcevski

General Manager for VIC and Western Australia

Dr Milê Glamcevski holds a ph.d. and four master’s degrees in the disciplines of psychology, social work, counselling, and business; he was recently awarded a knighthood and named charles sturt alumni of the year for services to the community. he has a career providing services to the education and mental health sector spanning over 25 years, during which time he has worked across three continents. he has worked in clinics, educational environments, and community organizations in australia, malaysia, turkey, cambodia, nauru, and east timor providing mental health support. he has invested most of his working life in interdisciplinary mental health and education development and has also maintained an international profile and supervises a range of domestic and international research projects. he regularly publishes in a range of areas and provides conference presentations domestically and internationally. milê believes the key to successful mental health is early intervention and thinks school and community organisations are the keys.

Justine Anne Collins

General Manager, QLD, NSW and ACT

Justine is an independent scientist-practitioner with eleven years of clinical experience. She has worked in schools across Australia as well as in clinics in Victoria and New South Wales. Her Ph.D. study centred around an examination of the psychological adjustments that individuals made after experiencing a distressing or traumatic life event. Specifically, identifying the cognitive processes underlying the relationship between attachment style, self-concept, and psychological health whilst exploring how the narrative process can apply in each case. In her clinical practice, she uses an integration of different approaches specific to suit the individual’s goals and needs - a combination of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), and Narrative-Based Therapy. Her specialist skills include clinical intervention, assessments, treatment developments, and research. Justine strongly believes that the key to successful mental health treatment is early intervention and that school communities should be the target to achieving this goal.

Ana Nelson

Support Coordinator

Ana is energetic, practical and diligent community facilitator with a passion for understanding people, finding common ground and building mutually beneficial relationships. Practical experience in child, age and disability care as well as education support, marketing, and sales. Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Fluent in English and Spanish. Highly competent with computers, Microsoft Office, applications and social media.

Our services


Vision for OnPsych NDIS

Our goal is to ensure that all Australians have access to qualified mental health care professionals whenever required. We bridge the gap between people in need and mental health professionals who provide the means of assistance necessary to improve quality of life and guide individuals back to becoming functioning members of our society. We also work with the families of people who have mental health issues. We run individual and group sessions, telehealth sessions and conduct diagnostic testing to provide the highest quality of care to all our clients. We believe no person is too young or too old to have mental health problems, and OnPsych professionals are ready and able to identify and fully address any issues in a sensitive and caring manner.

Why people trust us

Our Core Values


We Champion diversity, each other and the right of everyone to be able to make informed choices


We do what is right by our customers and each other, every day


We display in the face of adversity and challenge


We work cooperatively with our local communities and each other to active our vision


We achieve success through innovation and leading practice, ensuring high performance and sustainability

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We are a group of professional and experienced mental health care workers